5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas

The South's Largest all 5th & 6th Gen. Camaro Club

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   5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas!

Have you paid your 2017 membership dues? 
We have compiled a list of paid members & if you haven't paid your 2017 dues. You have been set to a limited access only. If your dues are not paid by the end of February. I will be forced to deactivate your membership.
Thank you to everyone who has already paid.
    We currently stand at 95 paid members!
This money will help us host the best charity event we have held so far. 

Great news!
Today we received our Federal non-profit tax exempt status and are now an official non-profit club.
Who's ready to work on donations!

        Member Spotlight of the Month Photo
                              Ric Policastro
          With his beautiful Transformer Ride                                            SabsBee     

We are now a 5th & 6th Generation only Camaro Club

Based out of Charlotte, NC.

Our club is a member of the American Camaro Association and is a non-profit organization which has members from all over the South East. On June 6th 2010 twenty club members met in North Charlotte and formed the Souths first all 5th Gen Camaro club! Today we stand at 212 members strong and still growing . We are the largest 5th Gen Camaro club in the southeastern US. And now that we have included the 6th Gen to our club, we are only going to continue to grow!

Update: As of 5/3/16 our Camaro Club Committee has decided to allow all 6th Gen Camaro owners that are interested to join our club. We made this decision based on a couple of factors. The number one reason is that we understand that current 5th gen Camaro owners who have been long term club members are trading into the 6th Gen Camaro. But second we also realize that in order to continue to grow as a club we needed to make this change. So if you are a 5th or 6th Gen Camaro owner and are interested in joining us, just follow the directions posted on our website. Welcome to our club!

How to join the 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas Club.

We are a 5th & 6th Generation Camaro club ONLY. If you are interested in joining our club, please fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page. The annual fee is only $25 for club membership. We will also need your full name, e-mail address, and phone number We look forward to hearing from you.